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The Bang




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The Bang - Web design



IN THIS PROJECT, I HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO ASSIST A branding and product design AGENCY WHO WANTED me to help them with developing THEIR freshly designed website where they will SHOWCASE THEIR expertise and projects in a more up to date style.

Luke, one of the co-founders of The Bang, reached out to me seeking the expertise of a skilled Webflow developer to bring their recently conceptualised website design to life.

Engaging in several in-depth discussions, we delved into their vision for the website's structure and animations. Embarking on this project proved to be an exhilarating journey filled with creativity and collaboration. I was genuinely captivated by the innovative design concepts they had crafted, and working alongside such a talented team made the experience more enjoyable.

Upon completion of the website build, there was a collective sense of satisfaction and pride in the air.

Client testimonial

"Daniel really helped kick-start my interior design and architecture business online! With his talent for web design, our website became a hit. It's super easy to navigate and showcases our work beautifully. Thanks to him, we're now able to reach new heights and we are closer to our business goals finally having an online presence!"

Nyiri Arnold - Founder of The Aid Studio, an interior design and architecture agency based in Romania.

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